”Davido Is Disrespectful Towards Chioma, He Is A Bully”- Man Blasts Davido Pressing Chioma’s Br.east

So, a Nigerian writer has taken to Social media to react to the video of Davido pressing Chioma’s b00bs while she was asleep on a plane. The writer identified as Solomon, frowned at a trending video of Davido fondling Chioma’s br*asts even as she was complaining that he should stop because it was painful.
Read his tweets below ;
I love Davido, but I think that Davido is a tad disrespectful towards Chioma, his wife, in ways he might not realize. How do you press the b00bs of a nursing mother, and she was restricting him, saying it’s painful with an uncomfortable face & he still posted the video. Phew.
To Davido, he might be doing anything wrong. But I see some b*lly tendencies in him even when he plays with his friends. He comes off playfully aggressive, & it might be the case with his relationship with Chioma. I sense some power imbalance — he does whatever he wants playfully
Yes, some people will come for me and say It’s not my business and I’m a hater. However, when you bring your business to social media, it’s open to social criticism and commentary. All I’m saying is that Davido should review his attitudes. It seems playful, but reeks of coercion.

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