King of Hearts 14th August 2019 Written Episode Updates

King of Hearts 14th August 2019 Written Episode Updates


DD gifts chunri/veil to Roshni and says Shiv gifted her this chunri on their engagement. Shiv also blesses Roshni and says she can blindly trust Sid and wishes for her happier life ahead. Kesar says he will get jewelry for Roshni’s engagement.

Shiv thanks Kesar for taking care of DD and asks him to continue working proficiently. He says he will get jewelry and leaves. Roshni calls Sid and asks about Meesha.

He says she is fine and he and Neil took care of her whole night, she need not come there. He goes to Meesha’s room and does not find her. Raj and whole family start searching Meesha. Roshni hears that, tells DD that she has to be with Sid at this time.

DD carries pooja thali and drops it after jigna clashes with her. She tells naani that she is feeling something will happen. Naani asks from when she started believing in all this. DD says she does not know but she is tensed.
DD calls Shiv and asks him to come home soon.

He gets taxi and sees Meesha getting into another taxi. He starts following her and she is heading to Versova. Sid with Roshni starts searching Meesha on his car. He gets inspector’s call that Meesha is seen around Versova.

He then gets Shiv’s call. Roshni sees that, thinks she left phone at home, so papa called her. She cuts call and calls Neil instead. Shiv thinks why Sid is cutting his call and calls on Roshni’s phone. Jigna picks it and says roshni is not at home.

He asks her to give phone to DD, but she sees DD yelling on servant and says DD is in washroom and cuts call. He continues following Meesha. Sid with Roshni and Neil reach Versova and see a lady wearing same clothes as Meesha’s and calls her, but gets sad seeing some other lady.

They then start searching Meesha again. Shiv follows Meesha and sees her getting into same godown in which she was physically assaulted. He continues following her and sees her entering a secret underground. He is shocked to see her confining her own parents and forcing them to have food. She stuffs food in their mouth and says their daughter is marrying Sid.

Parents ask her to stop her madness as Sid does not love her. She says she will and has already planned on it. Shiv realizes that she was making drama all this while. Meesha looks at Sid’s pics with which she has filled whole wall and telling Sid is only his and she dreamed of marrying him since childhood.

She then tears one pic and cries why he goes away from her, now she will not let him go away from her. She continues that Neil is fool to believe her and helping in her plan. Soon, she will kill Roshni and marry Sid forever. Shiv is shocked to hear her confession. Meesha starts laughing like a psycho.

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