Mehek 29th July 2019 Written Episode Updates

Mehek 29th July 2019 Written Episode Updates

Kanta says dont act like this, breakdown but then look at your family, Harish and Karona have lost their only son, the one who has gone will not comeback but we have to live on and you have to open your eyes. Mahek looks away and says I want to be alone right now. Kanta sadly looks at her, she leaves closing her door.

Mahek have sigh of relief, she feels tensed and says maybe me and Shaurya are doing this to make things right but we wont be able to forgive ourselves for this, we have hurt our families so much with this lie.. I have to handle myself, everything will be fine.

Mahek lies in her bed at night, she looks at her and Shaurya’s wedding photo and sighs. She gets Shaurya’s message and smiles. She sees Nehal sleeping beside her and silently leaves. Kanta is sharing bed with Dolly, Dolly is snoring and Kanta cant sleep, Kanta thinks that I should check if Mahek is fine or not.

Kanta comes to Mahek’s room but doesnt find her on bed. She sees Shaurya and Mahek’s wedding photo on table and gets sad. She sets it on table, she sees only Sonal and Nehal in bed and says where did Mahek go? She wakes Nehal up and asks where did Mahek go?

Sonal and Nehal wakes up, Kanta says where can Mahek go at night. Nehal and sonal goes to search her. Mahek comes out of house. She looks around, Shaurya suddenly pulls her behind pillar, Mahek sighs and hugs him.

Mahek says i am stuck with this lie, Shaurya says everything will be fine in few days, once Ajay and Nikki confess their crimes then truth will come out and our families will forgive us, Mahek says what if our families get too much hurt?

shaurya says we have to be careful, they havent found my body, ajay and Nikki should confess their crime soon, Mahek says I am worried that we can do something wrong, shaurya says thats why we have to make my death look real to make Ajay and Nikki confess, our families’ tears should look real to world.

Mahek says I know. Shaurya says I wont be able to meet you for sometime, she says I know, he turns to leave but then says I have taken so much risk and you are asking me to go so easily? Mahek says you have taken risk thats why I am asking you to go, Shaurya pulls her closer and says I took risk, cameback from death for you and you are asking me to go?

Mahek says if family sees us then they will beat us. Shaurya says we will be separated for a while, we wont be able to touch. Mahek says you always think wrong, anyone can see us, Shaurya says at this our of night, only God can see us and he doesnt care if we romance. Shaurya leans in closer to her.

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