Mehek 30th July 2019 Written Episode Updates

Mehek 30th July 2019 Written Episode Updates

In Sharma house, Kanta wakes Jeevan and Ravi, she says Mahek is not in her room, Mansi says what if she did something with herself? Ravi says you always think negative, let us go and see. Ravi and Jeevan comes out of house.

Mahek is behind pillar with Shaurya, she hears them coming out and goes away from Shaurya. Ravi and Jeevan comes on street and finds Mahek standing alone, they ask Mahek why she is here at night?

Mahek says Shaurya dedicated this street to my mother, I wanted to spend time here, Ravi says dont do this to yourself, Kanta says come inside with us. Mahek turns to leave with her family.

Shaurya comes out from behind pillar, he sees Mahek going and feels bad, Mahek turns and looks at him one last time, she waves at him, he waves back and leaves before anyone can see Shaurya.

All family members go in house. Shaurya hires rickshaw to leave, some shadow starts following Shaurya, Shaurya doesnt see some mysterious shadow behind him and leaves.

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