Mehek 3rd August 2019 Written Episode Updates

Mehek 3rd August 2019 Written Episode Updates

Shaurya brings in Karthik who is interested in buying the food Truck. Harish boasts of his 10k business done with is 10% of White chillies business.
Kanta tries to convince Shaurya about his decision, Karuna says why are u trying to convince him, food truck belongs to both Mehek and Shaurya.
Shaurya instigates Mehek to say something. Ajay wonders why Shaurya is shouting at Mehek he used to love her so much. Nikki says, when a rich man becomes poor this is what happens.
Mehek says they should listen to Shaurya. Shaurya blames her and says that she is trying to convince everybody with her sweet talk and blames her the more.
Mahek says to Karona that you should listen to Shaurya, Karona asks if she is under pressure? Shaurya says she is so smart,she traps everyone in her talk, Mahek says what is your problem? I listen to you or not, you keep scolding me, should I leave?
Ajay sees all this and thinks that poor poor Mahek, how can Shaurya do this with her? Nikki comes to him and says when you are finished with circus then lock hotel and come home.
Shaurya says to Mahek that you have brought me on roads, you gave my restaurant to Ajay blo*dy fool. Karona says why you are talking to your wife like this? Jeevan says lets go home, Shaurya says that is not home but zoo, my parents are under Mahek’s spell. Mahek says tell me the solution of all this? Shaurya says you should just leave me.
Mahek says fine, I am leaving you, are you happy? Shaurya says thank you, its your favor on me, he leaves, Mahek cries. Karona hugs her. shaurya winks at Mahek and leaves.
Karona says dont cry. Ajay thinks I wish I was tissue so I could wipe Mahek’s tears and could touch her cheeks like that, I should control myself. Shaurya messages Mahek that meet him, he is going to work on next step.
At night, Ajay is sitting in restaurant. He hears water falling and looks around, he sees tap open in basin, he closes it but hears some other noise, he looks around. He hears noise from freezer and says what is happening there?
Shaurya comes behind restaurant and meets chef, he gives him money, chef says I have done your work,please comeback, this ajay is mental, Shaurya says just wait for somedays, chef nods and leaves. Inside restaurant, Ajay comes inside freezing room, Shaurya closes door and Ajay locks inside.
Mahek says we shouldnt lock him for much time. Shaurya says you are feeling pity for him? let his mind cool then we will open, they hear Ajay crying and screaming. Mahek says you should leave, Shaurya says you didnt even kiss me for two days.
She glares at him, he says fine you go to Ajay, I am leaving, he turns to leave but Mahek pulls him closer and says where are you going without your kiss? he smirks and pulls her closer, they caress each others faces, hawain plays. Mahek leans in and closes her eyes, Shaurya is about to kiss her but says Ajay have stopped screaming?
Shaurya says I didnt know he was this weak, you go to him, he goes outside. Mahek comes outside freezer and asks Ajay if he is inside? she opens door and Ajay falls on her and is shivering, she asks if he is fine? ajay says thank you, you saved me,he hugs her. shaurya laughs.
Mahek says I will drop you home. Ajay is shivering and sneezing. Mahek goes to kitchen and makes Kadha for him. Mahek says I was searching for rickshaw but heard your screams so came here.
She brings Kadha to him, he holds her hand and cries saying thank you, I thought I would die but you saved me. Mahek says I would have done same for anyone. ajay says you are so nice and me? I am third class cheap man, I tortured you so much and you came to save me? thank you.
Mahek says I will bring tissue but he puts hand on her shoulder, she says you should drink Kadha, I am getting late, he says you should stay for sometime, she says its late, take care, drink Kadha, she leaves. Mahek comes outside restaurant, rickshaw comes there, Mahek sits and leaves.
Mahek stops rickshaw on street, Shaurya comes and sits with her, he says you act so nicely and can kill anyone in your love. Mahek says do you want to get beaten? she beats him, driver laughs. Shaurya says I am sorry but after your performance Ajay will fall in love with you.
Mahek says I would have to to go near him and that disgusts me. Shaurya says wine is Ajay’s weakness, he confessed everything when he was drunk before your wedding with him, I know you are worried but once you win his trust then he will tell you papers’ place. Mahek says I dont like when he is near me.
Their rickshaw stop at a signal. Nikki comes there in car and sees them together. Shaurya says to Mahek that I am not asking to romance with him unless you have started liking him and..
Mahek beats him and says dont joke. Shaurya laughs and pulls her closer, they hug each other. Nikki sees this and says they are Shaurya and Mahek?
Ajay comes home and tells everything to Pammi, how Shaurya and Mahek fought, how she saved him. Pammi says to Ajay that some evil eye is casted on you, she roams spice on him and burns it, it makes everyone cough. Nikki comes there and asks what is burning?
Pammi says someone casted evil eye on Ajay thats why its smelling. Nikki says why you are burning this poison? Ajay says I got locked in freezer thank God Mah.. he stops. Pammi asks what did she steal from our hotel? Ajay says she was waiting outside, she heard my screaming and came inside, she even made Kadha for me.
Nikki laughs and says you are stupid, did you forget how she brought axe to kill you? I saw Mahek with Shaurya now and they were romancing, Ajay says you are jealous, Mahek was waiting alone outside hotel, they were fighting badly, Shaurya even asked Mahek to leave him.
Pammi says if Ajay is saying Mahek was alone then she was. Ajay says Nikki you are cheap and thinks Mahek is cheap too but she is not, he leaves. Nikki thinks that I am sure it was Shaurya with Mahek, I have to be careful.
Shaurya and Mahek comes outside Sharma house, Shaurya says to Mahek that you go inside, I have some work, he leaves. Mahek comes in house, all look on worriedly. PD asks Mahek if she talked to Shaurya?
Mahek says dont worry about it, you know we fight over things, everything will be fine between us, he is angry man. PD says yes but he seems different these days, anger is something else but being stubborn is different, did you talk to him?
Mahek thinks Shaurya makes me lie again, she says I didnt talk. Kanta says I will scold him. Karona says I agree, whole family gets tensed because of their fight, we have to end it.
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