‘My tattoos almost gave my dad a heart attack’ – Davido

Singer Davido has revealed that his tattoos almost gave his billionaire dad a heart attack.

The singer disclosed this during an interview with BBC where he revealed that his first tattoo was concealed from his family for about a year.

‘My tattoos almost gave my dad a heart attack’ – Davido

After hiding my first set of tattoos from my family dad found out when I came home one day, I was seating in the parlour and I slept off with my shirt off, all of a sudden someone tapped me, it was my dad, he asked what is this, what is this on your hands?”

His billionaire dad then asked some further questions,

“Are you going to draw More tattoos? Like draw on your face and other parts of the body?”

And Davido had to respond,

“No no I can’t, I will even try to cover this one’s up. Am going to wear agbada to cover it”.

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