Zeeworld: Biography of Karan Vohra Aka Shaurya Khanna in Mehek

Shaurya’s real name is #Karan Vohra. He was born in 5 Jan of 1983 in Delhi India. His father is not know but his mother is well know and his sister together with his younger brother.
He married his first girlfriend Bella Vohra on January 2012. They have no kids yet. His wife Bella Vohra works as a grooming head and trainer with Spice Jet Airlines. He weighs 85kg
Shaurya is an actor and an entrepreneur. He owns health clubs and a gym in Delhi. He owns a mansion where he lives with his mom and wife. He owns more than two cars. His net worth is over 1M dollars. He was Mr India in the year 2008.
Mehek Zindagi was his breakthrough film that made him famous. He declined the offer of acting Mehek film at first when he was offered because he was into business.
But after going through the script he got interested and accepted it because he found it interesting and he knew he would create a beautiful story out of it.
When he was asked in an interview whether they crush on each other with Mehek, he said no they are just great actors and good friends who tried to create the chemistry to make a beautiful story.
When also asked whether he would like to work with Mehek again he said he would love to do another project with Samiksha who is known as Mehek Sharma because they create a beautiful thing together that makes their fans enjoy it.
He loves home made healthy food. He also drinks alcohol and loves partying.

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  1. It is such a wonderful love story, I enjoy watching the movie over and over again, because I learnt a lot out of it. I love Shaurya and Mehek so so much. please I would want them to continue with this, they are wonderful.

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